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IM Inside the Matter- Creative paths of the contemporary thinking and doing

IM- Inside the Matter creative paths of the contemporary thinking and doing


Opening during Fuorisalone:

Opening: 6 aprile, ore 18.30
dal 7 al 13 aprile ore 16.00-19.00
14 aprile dalle 16.00 alle 22.00
15 aprile dalle 16.00 alle 22.30
16 aprile dalle 16.00 alle 22.00



From 7 to 23 of april  2016,  Rivoli2 foundation present IM: Inside the Matter, the exhibition, at its third edition, presents artists and designers who engage in a debate on the interpretation of two materials – gres and fabric - used to realise their works. Giuseppe Spagnulo, Nanni Valentini e Carlo Zauli  and  Sognando Casa group whith Vincente De Hoe  will show gres works while   Anna Galtarossa and  Luca Sommariva with Nuform Design , will exhibit fabric works .

The project analyses the different but complementary approach to the elaboration of the materials and confront two different ways of expression which, even if they are different in their language, present specific similarities and common points: if on the one hand the artists reachs the public through the immaterial value of the artwork, only through its way of thinking and through the position that he assumes towards reality, on the other hand the designer deals directly with reality, taking inspiration from the real world to create objects which aim to improve it. 



The FITSTIC Foundation organize free two-year and post-degree courses for develop a higher forming technical upper able to intervenve in the professional fields of communication with new technologies and ceramic product design. The professional technical can operate in the company with highly, advanced and specialized tecnological skills.

Fondazione Rivoli2

The Rivoli2 Foundation was instituted in 2013 with the purpose of promoting, documenting and experimenting the path of artists and curators within different cultural realities, by disposing a space to promote their work and research projects and, contemporarily, by offering them the possibility to enter in contact with the different representations of the world of the Arts and with the public.

Mic Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza

The Faenza MIC houses a collection of ceramics of the greatest artists of the 900 and contemporary, italian and foreign. A specialized library and restoration workshop in wich the conservative tasks of the works is entrusted.

tel. +39 (0)546 697311

museo carlo zauli

Il MCZ porta avanti senza sosta il progetto principale per cui è nato: mantenere viva la memoria dell' artista scomparso Carlo Zauli, portarlo a conoscenza dei giovani, farlo incontrare con artisti delle nuove generazioni, che ne possano trarre spunti e insegnamenti.

Navigando s.r.l

Navigando is the tour operator that doesn't only offer holidays and not only study holidays either. Navigando takes you to places where you can live experiences. Even simply experimenting with daily life and discovering new ways to be we learn new ways to express ourselves. This is our philosophy, our method for becoming confident in a language, and also for understanding a different culture. Books, lesson exercises and teaching go hand in hand with the chance to speak to local people. Specialising in study holidays for groups and individual students, Navigando offers trips for Primary, Middle and Secondary School students. Not forgetting the High School Programme which gives students the opportunity to attend a Secondary School abroad and enjoy a unique and irresistible experience while staying with a host family. University students, managers and professionals who want to improve their knowledge of foreign languages also have opportunities to travel and study.

Nuforms design

Nuforms Design is an Architecture and Design Studio based in Milan, Italy.By more than 15 year the Studio faces the project in a very personal way. Starting by the assumption than to project is, above all, an emotional and conceptual course, from which spring shapes, spaces, language and interaction , architects Luca Sommariva and Giorgio D'Andrea create a continuum from small objects to graet apartments, from web design until 2D and 3D graphics .

Sognando Casa

Sognando Casa is a Start-Up that was born in 2013 by the will of its three founders: Alex Scaglia, Andrea Scaglia and Matteo Lazzari. Alex, Andrea and Matteo, after the cycle of university studies, decided to create the first e-commerce platform of finishing materials for the house, approved, promoted and sponsored by many companies considered excellence of Made in Italy. Today, in addition to play an advisory role for the renovation and construction projects, they have launched a blog, in which are noted quality and characteristics of the materials viewed and touched with hand in fairs, exhibition and production plants in Italy. The mission is to make accessible to everybody the vast amount of material in the field of interior finishing and through their knowledge and experience to create authentic works of art inside the house. The project for Fuori Salone of Milan 2016 is the creation of two unique and exclusive graphics projects on porcelain stoneware, perfect for the floor and wall covering, named Glaciem for the desire to represent the ice and Castrum for the will to honor with an abstract interpretation of the Sforzesco castle in Milan

Fondazione Rivoli2
Via Rivoli, 2

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18:30 > 22:00 Architecture, wine and talk
22:00 > 23:30 Private music & design night
18:30 > 22:00 Students exclusive event
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