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“KŪKAN” The Invention of Space

Panasonic has integrated technology of audio visual, air conditioning and lighting to create new possibilities and tap into undiscovered charm of space. You can experience the effect inspired by Japanese spacial art culture in the high definition installation art environment.


Opening during Fuorisalone:

10:00am - 21:00pm

Description of the installation art

・Name of the art space: 7 Dimensions

“Capturing the Japanese culture of spacial art and developing inspiration into a new imagination of space”

Audio-visual-spacial installation created by 7 vessels made of 140 55-inch monitors. Fusion between space and audio visual that is only available at the venue. Strolling around the space will expand your imagination into individual experience of your own. By changing your position and orientation, you look towards the 7 vessels to create entirely different universes and new spaces nobody else has experienced before.

It shows an original Japanese view of the world and its natural beauty. The aesthetics of art and culture that have been nurtured in the county from ancient times in an unbroken tradition. The art of symmetry and boundary will be projected through the 7 vessels to render unlimited inspirational space to connect or disconnect oneself with others.


Fusion between sports/culture and technology

Based on the idea of “cross-value innovation,” we have been challenging ourselves to create new value experience by integrating technology with sport and culture.

Since 1988, we have been a world-wide official partner of the Olympic Games. We have been contributing to global promotion and development of sports through our state of the art audio visual technology.

In Las Vegas, in September 2015, we participated in a new entertainment project inspired by Japanese traditional performing art of Kabuki.

Towards Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, cultural activities will be all the more revitalised, and Panasonic will continue our endeavour in creating new experience value of “Wonder Japan Experience” within the fusion between Japanese culture and technology.

Our participation with Milano Salone is certainly part of the adventure.








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