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Multiple Ricerche

Objects and concepts tell a multi experiential journey made of research, experimentation and creativity.


Opening during Fuorisalone:

da martedì a sabato dalle 10 alle 22 
domenica dalle 10 alle 20

“She knew she had but to open her eyes again and all would change to the dull reality of adults, with no imagination”.


Some dreams are profoundly real places, sincere expressions of the creativity and passion that only the human soul can convey. The interpretation in these cases is to be sought not only in what is presented, but also in the way it comes about. So follow the White Rabbit. The time measured by your clocks will magically disappear as soon as you cross the threshold of number 9, Piazza XXV April, Milan.

Open your eyes wide and let them run over the immense sea of marvels, about to be presented by MULTIPLE [ricerche], the exhibition concept devised by Patrizia Boscherini (owner of the Douuod brand) and Davide Mariani (owner of the All’Origine brand). Before you is a warehouse of experiences we have lived and wishes come true, designed by the skilful hands of craft poets in an enchanting combination of ideas, colours, shapes and gestures.

During the week of Fuorisalone, MULTIPLE [ricerche] offers to show you the designs and products of 11 brands, to tell you about the creativity of as many professionals, who love and believe in what they do, and above all to acquaint you with design made up of intelligent, brilliant and original solutions, where the poetry aims to combine the functional with soul, heart and passion. This is the affinity that brings together a group of creative artisans who work not only with their hands but also with emotions guided by an imagination that fulfils a very important wish: to live in a world able to transform and renew itself, making us dream every time and without ever crystallising into a sterile, pre-established form.

In the Milan of the 1800s this space, nowadays a showroom for the STRATEGIA Shoes brand, was an old hardware store with an area of 300 sq.m. Today, in the 21st century, it is host, stage and co-protagonist to this dreamlike representation, a place that accompanies and enhances the exhibition with its skylights and wooden beams and its floors that have been trodden thousands of times over the centuries.




Original objects from the last century in Essential, Industrial, Gipsy and other styles, discovered with Italian taste in the areas of central European and the Balkans. The distinguishing feature of the All’Origine project is in the “serialisation” of unique pieces. Each product has its certificate of authenticity and especially a long story to tell. In this workshop, the objects set aside the material aspect to become a fascinating testimony to the past without the dust of the antique or the rigour of the antique trade.

Andrea Merendi

Window-dresser, stylist, florist: the poet of crêpe paper flowers. He has been producing decorative displays for years for various companies. His profession is flowers, re-interpreted with his manual skill.


Badeggs is a web platform that was created with the aim of bringing together the users who gravitate around the world of food and beverages, into a single interactive community, from simple enthusiasts to professionals of the sector, providing a content of quality and training services, both online and offline.


It can happen that a university research project evolves unexpectedly into a successful business. Lorenzo Antonioni, light designer from the Milan Polytechnic, began studying the interaction between light and plants in 2009; in 2012 founded the brand Bulbo® together with three other young Italian creative artists. With the idea of encouraging a close link between people and nature through direct experience, Bulbo® concentrates the sun’s energy in a lamp and brings it directly into the home to cultivate little domestic vegetable gardens. Bulbo® combines design and Italian manufacturing experience, advanced LED technology and years of scientific research carried out in university laboratories, all together for a unique, elegant result.


The Bulzaga company has been active in the gardening business for over 50 years, producing and marketing ornamental plants and flowers. For over 10 years it has specialised in the production of lines of ceramic vases, working in close contact with craft workshops of the town of Faenza. It is In fact known worldwide by the name of Faiance and boasts a long tradition in the field of majolica objects.

Cartotecnica Rossi

Cartotecnica Rossi srl of Ariseiro in the province of Vicenza has been producing crêpe and tissue papers since the early 1900s. With over a century of history in the world of paper, Cartotecnica Rossi is today known worldwide to professionals, artists and creatives of all ages and nations, who are able to recognise the great potential of a simple product like high-quality paper. Strong in the experience accrued over many years, Cartotecnica Rossi offers the market the widest range of colours and grammages to meet the needs of its increasingly attentive and demanding customers.


High quality of materials and originality of the final product. An all Italian-made project, an expression of contemporary design. Douuod reflects a clean style, with essential, precise constructions that faithfully reflect the philosophy of the brand, where clothes and objects become a means for self-expression and communication… through research.

Elena Iachi

Shoes and boots, handmade with style.

Francesco Ballestrazzi

Francesco Ballestrazzi Hats & Creation was born in 2011 of the designer’s wish to create unique headgear, away from the common idea of the hat. Francesco uses the spherical shape of the head as a white canvas where he can paint and build ideas and concepts. Each item is made by hand, combining the ancient techniques of Italian millinery with personal innovative methods.

Minari Buxus

Produzione e cura del Bosso (Buxus sempervirens) Garden Design Esposizioni

Res Naturae

Imagine a garden full of colours, perfumes, shapes, never seen in classical gardens. Imagine that you can then gather leaves, flowers and shoots from this garden and use them to create recipes with new flavours and a beautiful, inviting appearance. This is the Res Naturae project, born from an idea by two Agrarian Science students at university, who want to produce ornamental and at the same time edible plants.

Silvia Ghirelli paesaggista

Landscape architecture is the ability to sculpt and navigate space, integrating landscape, art, nature and detailed study of the material, drawing the borders with an artist’s palette, sensitive insights and a detailed knowledge of the places in which we live, creating permeable boundaries that blur the line between natural and built environments. Geometry applied to the vibrant life of nature, which renders an order in composition. This is how Silvia Ghirelli creates harmonious, always new places where the elements, light, movement and life take on meaning, knowing nature and plants that colour and fill space to rediscover the art of modelling continuously transforming places, that are alive and able to surprise us in ever new perspectives.


Founded in the ’70s, Strategia wins customers over, season after season, for the high quality of its products and their original, up-to-the-minute look. Cutting-edge techniques and traditional skills strike a perfect balance of opposites in each of its collections. And Strategia’s keen sensitivity to the evolutions of style never skimps on form and substance, expressing itself through incisive lines and unexpected details.

Strategia Store
Piazza XXV Aprile, 9

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