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During Fuorisalone 2016, Non Riservato (network for creative socialization in public spaces based in Milan) presents the first stage of Borderlight, an environmental installation that combines art and light design to discover those segments of the city we barely notice, or we avoid because they are dark and perceived as insecure.

Borderlight is a multi-year project, which will begin here its path to continue in the following months in other areas of Milan. 



Borderlight is a project created and produced by Non Riservato in partnership with the Brera Design District, with the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo, the institutional partnership of the City of Milan and the technical sponsorship of iGuzzini.


On 15 April 2016 the underpass of Ponte delle Gabelle will be illuminated


At 12.00 the costruction of the installation will start in public. 


At 19.00 the installation will light up while the "visual exercises" of will involve the passers-by in experiments with and on light: rainbow and solar spectrum, additive and subtractive colours, Newton and Maxwell colour wheels.


At 20.00 Borderligth will invade the streets of the city thanks to Relé, the participatory performance signed by the visual artist Simona Da Pozzo (Ex-Voto Radical Public Culture). By spreading light and gestures, Relè will connect Borderlight with people and territory. Slight, simple, everyday movements will pass through a line of people of all ages. A strip of light will run along the face of each participant illuminating people and places, as a  light shock, a wireless phone.


At 21:00 sound will join the images with Solum,  the solo performance of the cello player and composer Matteo Bennici. After Shestaya, an experiment in live sound on the movies  by the great Russian director Dziga Vertov, Matteo Bennici (who collaborated with Squarcicatrici, Tsigoti, Motociclica Tellacci and many others) will play his new solo repertoire for cello and electronics, made of cinematic geographies and tribal sound.

The whole, under a bridge.

Borderlight is project by Non Riservato 

Designed and curated by Asterisma,, Ex-voto in collaboration with Luminae lighting design

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