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Tempo Showcase

design Monica Armani

TEMPO is a set of systems for the world of temporary and modifiable architecture for installations, exhibition, exposition and event spaces.

An idea resulting from the vast experience of GiPlanet Group and Studio Monica Armani that supports, accompanies and identifies a brand which is tangible in diverse situations.

Adapting to the changing needs of the client over time, the system is modular and easily reusable, adhering to the principles of sustainability with measured and controlled use of resources and attention to the environment.

With TEMPO systems, the client benefits from complete organizational assistance and an important communications and marketing tool that reinforces the client’s image in a coordinated, homogeneous, unique and well-defined way.

An innovative idea in the realm of temporary architecture that combines exceptional functionality and technology with sophisticated design to give life to places that leave a lasting impression.

Tempo provides exposition formats suitable for various situations: from showrooms to work spaces, from trade and service structures to temporary pavilions.

The systems can be organized in different ways in order to optimize logistic and economic elements. On a case by case basis, the most appropriate system is chosen for the client; the structures can be rented long-term or bought and managed by the group or directly by the client. In either case, the group guarantees an assistance and maintenance of the structures.

Monica Armani design characterizes every detail of the projects in a recognizable and unique way thus providing ample room for planning and use.



From the time of nomad tents, portable, mobile structures have developed through time and cultures, transforming definitively in the modern age.

Between the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, by virtue of the numerous discoveries and innovations in technology, the idea of temporary construction took on a new significance and became of great interest to the architects of the time.

It is with J. Paxton’s Crystal Palace, designed to host the World Fair in London in 1851, that we see the first example of a new concept of temporary architecture: no longer a “container”, but an “object of design”, produced to show its own character, thus creating space for new expressive trends, experimentation with new materials and formal exploration, often unprejudiced.

GiPlanet Group and Studio Monica Armani have chosen to reinterpret the history of these architectural forms, creating structures that can be assembled and disassembled which will last in time and become icons.

Highly advanced and sophisticated, adaptable with both catalogue-chosen and custom-made projects, and developed with WTS, Wood Temporary System and Frame, PAVILION solutions fulfill diverse client needs, enhancing the client’s image by combining flexibility, functionality and sustainability in a concept of total design.



The brand coolest was born from a decennial collaboration between two important realities in the field of creativity, temporary construction design, forniture for stores and high quality digital prints.
The exclusivity, customization and production Italian-made are our answer to the needs of luxury world.
The partners of this ambitious project are two important players in the field about design, production distribution and setup for the best brands international department stores.

GiPrint is supply of the paduan GiPlanet, is been working for several in the field of the many years visual communication. It can realize graphic designs different sizes, digital prints and customize solutions in high quality. It can meet all the requests needs of the costumers in terms of communication.

Creativity, attention to details, art and innovation are the elements that distinguish Arte Vetrina Project, it designs and realizes windows display to tell unique stories, for national and international customers.

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