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Agape12. Box of Wonders

New partners, new products, new designers


Opening during Fuorisalone:

Dalle 10.00 alle 21.00

All the novelties of Agape, Agapecasa, Antrax IT, Benedini Associati, Coedition, Emeco, Key Cucine, KnIndustrie, Made a Mano, Manifestodesign and Matteo Brioni. With the participation of Anglepoise, Brokis e Smaller Objects.



Established in 1973 by the Benedini family, Agape today sets a benchmark for contemporary furniture. The bathroom shifts from functional space to emotional centre of the home, tuning the power of the elements of agape range with the project oriented attitude. Some of Its products such as Spoon and Ottocento by Benedini Associati have become milestones in contemporary décor. Today, leading designers are putting their names to pieces that are already design classics, such as the Vieques bathtub by Patricia Urquiola and the Bjhon washbasins, conceived in 1970 by Angelo Mangiarotti. The company has won numerous major awards, among which the Design Plus. It has been selected on numerous occasions for the Compasso d’ Oro ADI including, in 2014, a mention for the Plus furniture system and the Nivis washbasin and in 2015 for the DR bathtub designed by Studio Mk27, Marcio Kogan and Mariana Ruzante. Confirmations and novelties for Fuorisalone 2016. At Agape 12 eight bathrooms will be displayed where the result is much more than the simple sum of its constituting elements. Gemma, a new line of complements designed by Sebastian Herkner and Dot Line, accessories by Garcia Cumini will be presented along with some more novelties that will expand and complete the current product range.


Agapecasa extends the vision of Agape to the whole of domestic life, with original products that are refined, functional and modern. The Mangiarotti Collection is a collection of furniture made from prototypes, designed by Angelo Mangiarotti from the early 50s onwards: design classics, carefully tested and updated in full agreement with Studio Mangiarotti. The collection includes objects for everyday living, all very diverse, although designed by the same author, extremely relevant to today’s needs, and consistent, despite having been designed over a fifty-year period. Conceived by a designer who has been able to experiment with and establish new reference parameters in typology, form and construction, the collection proposes objects that deal in an unconventional way with the objects that inhabit our lives (chairs, tables, shelves and storage units), making them functional in an intelligent, innovative way, and giving them appropriate, yet sophisticated and unusual form.


During Milan Design Week, Antrax IT presents Android: the product is not just a radiator but a sculpture that could enhance residential and contract spaces. Designed by Daniel Libeskind, it is an innovative product both for shape and technologies used. The design is the result of a dynamic sequence of lines and angles and is obtained from a folded aluminium profile that creates shadows emphisizing the architectural Android is available in over 200 different colours and has high thermal performance. It can be installed both horizontally and vertically and can be provided with an arm for towels.


In the heart of the Brera District on the occasion of the Fuorisalone 2016, Benedini Associati design at Agape12 For Agape Many products which are already established catalogue items, are presented here with an extended range of finishings: Square and Fez taps, accessories 369. The In-Out bathtub, which won the Wallpaper Design Awards 2016 for Best Soak, is now made and proposed with the assembling of multiple parts in marble, connected togheter with a steel joint. The Lato program is presented with its full range of compositive solutions and the Ell washstand, designed together with Diego Cisi and Andrèas Jost, confirms the uniqueness of its design. For Made a Mano Presenting the Trapezi programme, tiles made on a lava stone base in the range of colours and finishes offered in the catalog. For Agape12 Agape12 host a programme of floors and coatings in marble and wood, handcrafted in varying, compositions of trapezoidal and square shapes, as always, designed by Benedini Associati. Benedini Associati Established in 1999, Benedini Associati is formed by Camilla, Bibi and Giampaolo Benedini. Its major activities involve interior design projects principally carried out by Benedini & Partners, as well as the design of technical products and décor wich are applied to a wide range of different fields. The company has won international recognition, including the German Design Plus Award the Design Index ADI and the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award.


COEDITION is pursing its role as a distribuor of modern and creative French furniture by expanding its collections signed by Patricia Urquiola, Patrcik Jouin, Michael Anastassiades, Aki and Arnaud Cooren, Marco Zanuso Jr, Rodolfo Dordoni and Alain Moatti, to include exceptional news products designed by Olivier Gagnère and Shin Azumi. The High-quality collections are the result of exhaustive research, meticulous and diligent development and technical innovations refined by the designers and the distributor. This ensures that each object is different and unique and born out of a passion for design. COEDITION has already realised 3 major projects: The New Eiffel Tower Chair, designed by the architect Alain Moatti for the Gustave Eiffel pavillion, available from its collection; and the New Generation Chair, for the reading rooms of the French National Library, created by Dominique Perrault Architecture & Associés (DPA). Both projects confirm COEDITION’s exacting standards at Las Vegas for Alain Ducasse’s restaurant with the Scala collection. Few projects have been done for Chanel and Max Mara.

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Emeco makes chairs. In America. Often by hand. Mostly from recycled stuff. But always to last. This year Emeco introduces Run, a collection by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin; and a new addition to our collection Alfi by Jasper Morrison.

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The contemporary tailor-made style of KeyCucine kitchens at the concept store in Via Statuto. Key Cucine will exhibit its new kitchen models at Milan Agape12 concept store during Milan Design Week, in the very heart of Brera Design District One of new kitchen will be “Basik”, composed by a fully fitted island is concealed in a severe, essential monolith with twin souls: half made of highly resistant, non-toxic AISI 304 stainless steel with a satin finish, and half covered with the solid, elegant roughness of teak. The countertop is also divided, with a steel section incorporating a big rectangular sink fitted with a pull-out cutting board and accessories, next to the cooker, and a teak section providing a large work surface. The cupboards and drawers in the workstation – with the unusual feature of being cut at 45°- are also differentiated by use of different materials: wood with horizontal grooves allowing the cupboards to be opened without handles, ensuring the continuity of this natural material, and the aseptic beauty of steel. The column units with swing doors on the walls are both practical and decorative, supporting the oven, concealing the refrigerator, forming a wine bar with a pull-out work surface, electrical sockets and bottle holders, or offering shelves and drawers made of wood or steel, including some with extractable racks, all with led lighting. Key offers an infinite range of different volumes and compositions made using refined materials for environmentally sustainable customised architectural projects. The company has reached a perfect understanding with Agape 12, a showroom and meeting-place for architectural studios and particularly demanding clients in search of custom solutions for living spaces which has formed a partnership with the Vicenza-based brand.


The meeting in 2011 between Francesco Zani, with his passion and culture for design, and the Pinti family who have been dedicated to building and enhancing an enterprise in Brescia in the cutlery, kitchenware and kitchen accessory sector for three generations, lead to the foundation of KnIndustrie: a daring, totally made in Italy, courageous and innovative project. The mission of Knindustrie is to develop collections of kitchen utensils with a small amount of items and need of storage space to make food preparation, cooking and presentation simple and easy. Clean minimalist lines, multifunctionality, elegance and meticulous research of materials, experimentation in finishes and focus on eco-sustainability are the distinctive features of all the lines.


Created in 2001 Made a Mano Italia is a company specialized in working and processing clay and lava stone. The company was founded in Caltagirone, Sicily, by Rosario Parinello, 60 km from the Etna volcano, unique and exclusive source of working material for the production of all our products. The high end collections are the result of a renowned tradition and artistic experience of its founder Rosario Parrinello, who is capable to combine the designs and colors of the Mediterranean with the best expressions of Oriental and African civilizations in order to create tiles and products of absolute minimalism, typical of north European countries. The decorations are made free hand, the colors, applied with a brush, are made with ancient techniques. Each tile or artifact that comes out of the Made a Mano Italia labs, is a concentration of research and emotions.


Manifestodesign is a brand that produces excellent products with natural materials made in Italy. Manifestodesign founded in 2006, is a brand created by designers. As the word itself says, “manifesto design” has the goal of becoming the representation of a furnishing project interpretation that makes exclusive use of natural materials processed in the least invasive manner possible, with the intent and will of concretely and tangibly promote the culture of the project in respect of nature and man, combining design and manufacturing processes. The products created by Manifestodesign, follow the harmony of nature and human being to satisfy as much as possible those who wish to enjoy them as their “companions”. These products are often interpretations of famous anonymous projects in the history of design, or they are invented from scratch. The entire production is made in Italy, between the Marche and the Romagna regions.


Matteo Brioni srl is an Italian company specializes in natural finishes for architecture and interior design that work with a unique material: raw earth. For Matteo Brioni build with the earth is the experience of four generations matured into his family’s brick factory, owned since 1920. The company designs, produces and realizes systems and environments for the well-being and satisfaction of our customers. The aim is to provide high performances with low environmental impact, because it’s believed that respect for the material is respect for the earth.
 His daily challenge is to go beyond the limits of material, through research and continuous development on earth use in architecture and design. The goal is to lend tridimensionality to surfaces and transfer the earth's sensory stimuli to the spaces designed by human.

via Statuto, 12

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