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Dr.Vranjes: Profumo di design

Dr. Vranjes: Profumo di Design


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We invite you to be a "fragrance expert" for a day. Discover your #profumodidesign and share your smell sensation with #DrV4design


Dr.Vranjes Firenze

Dr.Vranjes was created in Florence, in 1983, out of the passion of Dr. Paolo Vranjes, a pharmacist, chemist and cosmetologist. Together with a staff of assistants, he creates and manufactures exclusive products which are the result of the perfect blend between meticulous innovative techniques and tireless research in tradition. Born and bred in Bologna, where he also obtained his degree, Dr.Vranjes decided to join his personal history with that of Florence, the Italian city with the most ancient tradition of distillation of essences and perfumes. The story of Paolo Vranjes is also the story of a “nose”. While still a child, he could already perceive the enigmatic influence of “odors”, which, through the sensitivity of the sense of smell, arrive directly to the heart. Through the years, this perception turned into a mission, and thus a great creator of olfactory emotions was born. “The culture of perfumes was literally infused to me,” says Paolo Vranjes. “My grandfather was a silk trader with a passion for essences, and as a child I would watch him in the room where he kept his collection of perfumes which he looked for on his travels around the world. I was captured by that universe of rare, transparent bottles with their unusual, evocative scents, and I was fascinated by the secrets they held within them. Where did they come from? What was so special about them? And how was a new magic created every time they were mixed? Then one day my grandfather realized I was there, and with an understanding smile, he invited me to join him while making me promise not to touch anything. After that, we spent many more days together. My passion for essences and my culture were born in that room.” Dr.Vranjes’ passion, together with his creativity, knowledge and competence, gave rise, through the years, to the unique and exclusive universe of Antica Officina del Farmacista, with its exciting home fragrances, its reliable face and body cosmetics, and its surprising Extraits, precious wearable fragrances. To step inside Dr.Vranjes Firenze shops is like allowing yourself a moment of absolute pleasure as you follow seducing paths to discover the harmonious alchemy of emotions, research, and inspiration – the necessary core ingredients for the fine art of creating fragrances. The sophisticated design of the bottle is uniquely inspired by Florentine architecture; precious fragrance filled jewels waiting to be discovered, inviting you to arise long forgotten memories. In 1996, in downtown Florence near the Duomo, Dr.Vranjes opened a store with a production laboratory that is visible to the public, at Via San Gallo, 63r. This highlighted the close relationship between Dr.Vranjes, technician and volcanic creator of new products, and the world of essences and cosmetics. The possibility of testing in the market the validity of his products and his commercial ideas through the store in Via San Gallo was the launching pad for the creation, in 1999, of a new innovative range of products, then called “Home Fragrances” Dr.Vranjes Firenze. These products follow the concepts of aromatherapy, aromacology and the importance of the olfactory memory, already tested worldwide by many spas, translating them into a wide range of perfumes designed to improve each room according to its function and its decoration. Following the success of this line, in 2001 a new store was opened in Florence, at Borgo La Croce, 44r, with a spacious area dedicated to “perfume tasting”, designed to become a meeting point that attracted and introduced people to the perfumed world of Dr.Vranjes. Since 2004, Dr.Vranjes’ products became popular abroad, and are now sold in more than 65 countries through a network of distributors and agents. In 2010, the new headquarters were opened in Antella, Bagno a Ripoli, blazing the trail for the new Dr.Vranjes image and commercial message. The new headquarters praise a showroom open to customers, where all Dr.Vranjes’ products can be tested and where clients can attend courses dealing with the world of perfumes and olfactory décor. In December 2010, a new store in Via della Spada, 9r was opened using the same Dr.Vranjes image. The new sales point was located in the most noble block in Florence, near the most prestigious fashion names, and soon became the Dr.Vranjes shop window in which our customers from all over the world see and recognize themselves. In September 2011, the first store, near the Duomo, was completely refurbished. The store now implements the new Dr.Vranjes look as well as the commercial and marketing model for franchising. In September 2012 the flagship store in Florence in Borgo La Croce was completely renovated. In November 2013 the flagship Store in Milan Brera neighborhood, in Via Fiori Chiari 24 debuted together with other two brand new stores, one in Roma Via Vittoria 63, two steps away from Piazza di Spagna and one in Venice, 50 meters away from Piazza San Marco in Calle Frezzeria 1231. Our know-how starts with our leading products, Dr.Vranjes Scented Decor, with a wide range of items (today we have 36 different scents available); from the creation of a bottle with our distinctive shape and exclusive design (Dr.Vranjes registered trademark), to the research for the highest quality in our products (in-company essence creation, packaging research, the use of precious materials, and suppliers who are masters of Florentine artisanship) – goals that are the driving force behind our company’s philosophy. At the core of the formulation of Dr.Vranjes’ essences is the observation that some scents remind us of home and family while others are related to happy moments and are comforting.

Dr Vranjes Firenze
Via Fiori Chiari, 24

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