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atelier oï - CASA GIFU

CASA GIFU by atelier oï


Orari durante il Fuorisalone:

Daily h. 10.00 – 21.00

11 Press preview h. 15.00-21.00

12 Opening by invitation h. 18.00-21.00

La Prefettura Gifu , “Cuore del Giappone” presenta i secolari know-how dei suoi artigiani e laboratori in un’esperienza scenografica dai mille contrasti.

Gli oggetti risultanti dagli scambi di collaborazioni artistiche, fusioni di sapere e nuove prospettive culturali, sono allestiti nella CASA GIFU, la dimora effimera italiana di Gifu; una delle regioni più importanti del Giappone.


atelier oï

atelier oï è stato fondato nel 1991 da Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis e Patrick Reymond a La Neuveville in Svizzera. Sin dall’inizio il progetto artistico mira a cancellare la diversità di genere e a dare peso alla trasversalità delle discipline. Il lavoro di respiro internazionale varia dall’architettura, architettura d’interni, al design e alla scenografia. Multidisciplinarità, spirito di squadra e il rapporto stretto con la materia sono alla base della filosofia creativa di atelier oï. Una caratteristica principale di atelier oï è la sperimentazione, laddove la realizzazione nasce da un rapporto intuitivo ed emozionale nella lavorazione dei materiali diversi. I progetti di atelier oï hanno avuto riconoscimenti internazionali importanti. In occasione di scambi culturali ed eventi creativi atelier oï ha firmato prodotti per B&B Italia, Bvlgari, Driade, Foscarini, Louis Vuitton, Moroso, Pringle of Scotland, USM, Victorinox e Danese.

GIFU Prefecture

Known as the soul of Japan, the GIFU Prefecture is located on the island of Honshu. Its resources are a reflection of its rich and plural region. They span a wide range of craft and industrial traditional know-hows historically related to its natural abundant in water environment such as ceramics, wood-working, lacquer painting, forging, paper-making, cormorants fishing and gastronomy.

HIDA Sangyo Co. Ltd

HIDA Sangyo is a well-established furniture manufacturer founded in 1920. Inheriting the skills and traditions of Hida artisans, the company keeps challenging "new monozukuri" with its own technologies. Recently, HIDA Sangyo has been active in eco-conscious manufacturing, using materials that have never been used. For example, we produce furniture from domestically-grown cedar by heat-compression.


NITOMS is a development-oriented company which manufactures plastic domestic fixtures, adhesives and various other home products. The company was established in 1975 and is successful outgrowth of Home Products Department of Nitto Denko Co., Ltd. NITOMS inherited the superior technological assets of Nitto Denko to manufacture new unique products which provide consumers with the greatest of benefit. Within a year after its inception, NITOMS was able to set up an ideal distribution network for marketing its unique products. These products meet the save-energy, save-resources criteria being demanded by the current social and economic conditions. NITOMS looks to the future with a growing list of products to meet the changing needs of the consumer market.


Since its foundation in 1891, as a Gifu specialty lantern maker, OZEKI has expanded its market both in Japan and overseas. Based on our business performance and distinctive techniques, our products have been highly acclaimed, which is evidenced by over a hundred awards won at various domestic and international exhibitions. For its achievements, the company was granted the Blue Ribbon Medal (Ranju hosho) in 1931 and the Fifth Class Order of the Sacred Treasure in 1943. We are devoted to developing new products, which has led to several dozens of patents, utility models, and design registrations. We deliver our Gifu lanterns (traditional Bon festival lanterns) to department stores nationwide, as well as exporting the Isamu Noguchi “AKARI” products to the US and European countries. We are always seeking for new opportunities. This is the Ozeki’s will that has been inherited across the generations.




“SPREAD” is the creative unit created by Hirokazu Kobayashi and Haruna Yamada in 2004. When gathering together every memory, one can overpass boundaries and then the designs will “SPREAD”.Since 2004, “Life Stripe” is an on-going art project that records patterns of life in colors.

Thomas Merlo & Partner AG

Editor TMP manufactures in Switzerland and imports mainly from Japan extraordinary items to enhance the aesthetic and creative quality of life at home, in the office and while traveling. TMP-products are hallmarked by their functional design, ingenious flexibility and cosmopolitan charm. They form an eye-catching focus in every sophisticated environment.

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