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Brera Smart District

All you ever wanted to know about Brera Design District, all year round, in just one app!

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All you ever wanted to know about Brera Design District, all year round, in just one app!

An innovative approach of communication and interaction among Brera Design District and end-users (buyers, professionals, visitors) thanks to the mobile app Fuorisalone integration with beacon based platform Smart City by Comarch: this is Brera Smart District.

Presented at 2016’s Salone del Mobile and Fuori Salone, the project was born as a partnership between Studiolabo (agency of design communication, consulting, design as well as artistic and cultural events’ graphic producer) and Comarch SA (leader in project, implementation and integration of high technological and innovative content IT platforms) with the aim to offer maximum usability and access to services, information and special initiatives related to the Brera district.

Touch point between the Design District and user is Smart City by Comarch platform that, thanks to the powerful beacon devices installed within the participating facilities, is able to recognize and send out relevant contents in real time to Brera Smart District’s users considering their location, behavioral and purchase profile.

User’s needs are reflected and answered by current and future Partners (shops, museums, showrooms, Transport Company, municipality, cultural associations...) in a simple and fast means directly to the user’s smartphone. Contents are defined by each Partner, according to its needs and keeping in mind the end user is a person – rather than a client - to fully engaged: welcome messages, info on what’s new, promotions, special events and whatever helps get the user of Brera District engaged.

Brera Design District is the perfect debut for the 1st project of Smart City by Comarch in Italy. If the Salone del Mobile is the leading international event in the city, full of events and ever changing, Brera is its beating heart: the strong Comarch technological tradition is the natural environment to make the Brera Smart District even more innovative, functioning, distinctive even after the Fuorisalone.

The natural evolution of Brera Smart District will be a full integration with public transport, cultural and entertainment circuit, sports, dining and shopping facilities that Milan offers its citizens and visitors throughout the year.

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