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Dr Vranjes Firenze

Via Fiori Chiari, 24
10:30 - 19:30 da lunedì a domenica, orario continuato
+39 02 89010492

Our Flagship Store in Milan was opened in November 2013 in via Fiori Chiari 24, Brera, now established as the "Quadrilateral" of perfumes. The characteristic dove-gray tones furniture, wants to recreate the ancient pharmaceutical factory, but in a modern way, with design elements and a hand-painted resin floor with floral elements.                            In our Flagship Store you can find Home Fragrances, Eau de Parfum, our Skincare Lines, the Lamp with catalytic system, Candles, Car Fragrances and Linen Frangrances.

To step inside our Flagship Store is to allow yourself a moment of absolute pleasure. The warm and refined atmosphere joins the design of products, finely inspired by Florentine architecture and the essentiality of a sophisticated packaging.

Recommending the right fragrance for every room in which we live with family and spend time with friends is the philosophy of our company – whether the kitchen or living room, bedroom or study, bathroom or entrance hall, or even the children’s bedroom. It is important for the well-being - and pleasure - of each of us to find the scent which is most suitable for each room of the home, taking into consideration factors such as the spaces, size, light and furniture as well as the properties which are contained in the natural oils of Dr.Vranjes Home Fragrances and the emotions which they can transmit.

This is the concept that we wish to convey. In order to feel create and maintain feelings of well-being, we need to be surrounded by objects which are pleasing to the eye, the mind and the senses, and we have captured the emotions of precious fragrances and transformed them into elegant pieces of home decor. A pleasure to be shared with the people we care for.

Brera Location
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