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Via Bossi, 10
Lunedì Chiuso Martedì 10–14, 15–19 Mercoledì 10–14, 15–19 Giovedì 10–14, 15–19 Venerdì 10–14, 15–19 Sabato 10–14, 15–19 Domenica Chiuso
+39 02 49668613

High Japanese design handicrafts in Milan


Since 1916 NOUSAKU produces Buddist Altar fittings, tableware and decoration objects for home in pure tin, brass and bronze. Due to the traditional technique of manufacturing, search of new technologies NOUSAKU created flexible and elegant products with unique design.

With NOUSAKU you can change your home every day with creativity.


Sophisticated and creative. Flexible and traditional. Innovative and healthy. These are the words, which describe the products of NOUSAKU – high Japanese design handicrafts, famous for the quality of its design and for constant search of new techniques, which gave a possibility to produce unique and original objects. After opening numerous sales points in Asia Nousaku opened the first elegant monobrand showroom/shop in Europe, Milan in Via dei Bossi 10 (corner of via Broletto).


PRODUCTS – NOUSAKU produce series of original flexible and elegant tableware and items for home decoration, made of pure tin 100%, continuing with flower vases, candle and incense holders of brass. We also produce the wind-bells “fuurin”,which due to the high techniques produce the clear sound and give the feeling of calm and peace.  


MATERIALS – The products of NOUSAKU are made of pure tin 100%, brass and bronze. Some of them are decorated by the gold leaf – tradition of Japan.  

  • PURE TIN 100% - due to the experience and knowledges of our craftsmen, NOUSAKU is able to produce the objects of pure tin 100%. Thanks to its flessibility the tin can be shaped by the hands. While modeling the tin you can hear a special sound which is called “tin cry”. One of the many characteristics of the tin is that it absorbs impurity. For this reason the water in the tin cup can not be spoiled and it enhances the flavor of sake as well. Though tin has almost the same whiteness as the silver, but it doesn’t dim so easily in the contact with the air. Tin has also antibacterial properties and high thermal coductivity. It is enough to put the plate into the refrigerator for several minutes and it will remain cool for long period.  
  • BRASS – the products of NOUSAKU in brass are made with different finishing and have raw, polished and mat surfaces. Each object is a hand made one.
  • BRONZE – The statue of Great Buddha in Nara and the statue of Peace in Nagasaki were made with the bronze, the material, which Japanese like a lot. We use bronze to produce the modern serie of Moss Bonsai and for various products upon personal design and request.  
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